Artist Statement
In my work I want to characterize a simple figure, the articulation and beauty of a line’s interaction with form in time. I enjoy the craft of creating original photographic imagery and the results. In addition, I use abundant, generally web-based programming tools, processes, and images to further deconstruct the cultural hold on photography as a technological symbol and tool in and of itself. Some of these applied processes have seemingly unintended and random results which furthers as a symbolic element to the work. The regular norms of the “good” image are displayed by our culture over and over in glorious repetition. I want to exploit that pattern and create a new visual opinion.
About John
Throughout John’s work he searches for balance and the simple beauty of line and form in time. Simple, clean and formal, some pieces incorporate a repetition of form and time in subtle ways for the viewer to find. Other works include a free association of and to our found and abundant cultural image. John calls back to his background in photographic studio techniques and aesthetics to push his image making process to thoughtful and vibrant results in both traditional photographic print processes and pigment prints of various scale.
Originally from Seattle, John studied Photographic Arts and Art History at Salzburg College, Austria and received a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. In 1991 he began a career in photography in New York, eventually making his way west continuing his career in Chicago and San Francisco. He now lives again in Seattle with his wife and kids.
Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA 1991
Salzburg College, 1989-90
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